Your Daily Dose of NPR Enlightenment


When I was a kid my parents created a “my three things” share to encourage conversation at the dinner table. My three siblings and I were each given the opportunity to share three things we learned that day. There were no guidelines. It could be a social observation, a personal achievement, a geography fact, even pop culture (“I heard the Simpsons’ Springfield is actually Springfield, IL” – (hotly debated)). My parents also took part, sharing a mix of news, information, and Jeopardy-worthy random facts. The result was lively discussion that often kept us at the table long after dinner was finished.

Now in my mid (ok, late) twenties, I spend a good portion of my day tuned into NPR programming learning my three new things. The purpose of this blog is to share these new things; a mixture of the odd, the horrifying, and the fascinating happenings in our world…with a simple link, photo, and comment. A daily something you can take to your dinner table and say “I heard on NPR…”